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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 5, May 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Comparing Saudi synthetic lines of rabbits with the founder breeds for carcass, lean composition and meat quality traits; A M Al-Saef, M H Khalil, S N Al-Dobaib, A H Al-Homidan, M L García and M Baselga

  2. Behavior of the creole hens (Na) in a semi-free range system with grazing and alternative feed intake in Yaracuy, Venezuela; C Ruiz-Silvera, J Salaverría, C Valles, Y Yépez and S Herrera (In Spanish)

  3. Donkey keeping in northern Tanzania: socio-economic roles and reported husbandry and health constraints; E S Swai and S J R Bwanga

  4. Morphological and productive characteristics of guajolote (Meleagris gallopavo) raised in backyard systems in Michoacán, México; R López-Zavala, H Cano-Camacho, T C Monterrubio-Rico, O Chassin-Noria, U Aguilera-Reyes and M G Zavala-Páramo (In Spanish)

  5. Estimation of Genetic parameters for post-weaning growth traits of Gabali rabbits in Egypt; M M Iraqi

  6. The impact of agricultural projects on cows’ productivity, farmers’ revenue and rural development in Tunisia; M Ben Salem and H Khemiri

  7. Modeling growth from birth to nine months of age in Gyr X Holstein calves; J J Cañas, E Galeano, T Ruiz-Cortés and M Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  8. Survival of the Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in salt water during a direct and progressive transfer; K Yao, M Ouattara and A F A Ahoussi (In French)

  9. Effects of Dichrostachys cinerea supplementation on weight gain and rumen protozoa in cattle; K Choongo, N J Siulapwa, E Mwaanga , K Muzandu and S Siyumbi

  10. Analysis of three goat production systems and their contribution to food security in semiarid areas of Morogoro, Tanzania; Safari J, Mtenga L A, Eik LO, Sundstøl F and Johnsen F H

  11. Variation in milk yield and milk composition during the entire lactation period in Mithun cows (Bos frontalis); A Mech, A Dhali, B Prakash and C Rajkhowa

  12. Potential nutritive value of some forages used in ruminant nutrition in Northern Turkey; U Kilic and B Z Saricicek

  13. Evaluation of tropical tree leaves as ruminant feedstuff based on cell contents, cell wall fractions and polyphenolic compounds; D V Reddy and N Elanchezhian

  14. Market potential for the local Djallonké goat in Southern Benin: empirical evidence from two rural markets; L H Dossa, B Rischkowsky, R Birner and C Wollny

  15. Comparison of non-lineal models to describe growth curves in guinea pigs (Cavia Porcellus) from birth to slaughter age; R R Noguera, R L Pereira y C E Solarte (In Spanish)

  16. Extent and implications of incorrect offspring-sire relationships in pastoral production system in Kajiado District, Kenya; M W Maichomo, G K Gitau, J M Gathuma, J M Ndung’u, O Kosura and H O Olivier

  17. Feeding value of velvet beans (Mucuna utilis) for laying hens; C D Tuleun, S N Carew and I Ajiji