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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 3, March 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Tree leaves in the diet of free-ranging ruminants in three areas of Burkina Faso; H H Hansen, L Sanou and B M I Nacoulma

  2. Challenges for improving smallholder dairy production in the semiarid areas of Zimbabwe; G N C Chinogaramombe, V Muchenje, C Mapiye, T Ndlovu, M Chimonyo and L Musemwa

  3. Pasture evaluation of a forest: case of the herbaceous layer under oak cork of North East Algeria; F Arbouche, R Arbouche, H S Arbouche, Y Arbouche and H Yakhlef (In French)

  4. Diurnal ingestive behavior and performance of grazing steers of three genetic groups during two seasons; R Patiño Pardo, K González Martínez, F Porras Salgado, L Salazar Rodríguez, C Villalba Sánchez and J Gil Betancur (In Spanish)

  5. Chicken consumption at a mountain village in Northern Thailand; T Masuno

  6. Influence of rainfall pattern on grass/legume composition and nutritive value of natural pasture in Bale Highlands of Ethiopia; S Bogale, S Melaku and A Yami

  7. Serum progesterone levels at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 days of the estrous cycle in Simmental x Cebu, Holstein x Cebu, Romosinuano x Cebu heifers, maintained under Colombian humid and hot tropical conditions; H Grajales and A Hernández (In Spanish)

  8. Morphobiometrical characteristics and management of Umblachery cattle from coastal region of Tamilnadu, India; R Rajendran, T V Raja, A K Thiruvenkadan, A Mahalinga Nainar and P Thangaraju

  9. Milk production and economic impact of strategic supplementation of prepartum Bunaji cows in the peri-urban areas of derived savanna of southwestern Nigeria; O A Olafadehan and M K Adewumi

  10. Integration of crop-livestock-poultry-duck farming system by large farmers in the Plain tribal areas of Chhattisgarh in Central India; W Y Ramrao, S P Tiwari, S Sharma Saraswat, R Pathak and R Gupta

  11. Effects of supplementation on pasture intake by ewes in South-eastern of Algeria; M Chemmam, N Moujahed, R Ouzrout and C Kayouli (In French)

  12. Isolation and characterization of inhibitory substance producing lactic acid bacteria from Ergo, Ethiopian traditional fermented milk; Esayas Assefa, Fekadu Beyene and Amutha Santhanam

  13. The feed values of indigenous multipurpose trees for sheep in Ethiopia: The case of Vernonia amygdalina, Buddleja polystachya and Maesa lanceolata; Aynalem Haile and Taye Tolemariam

  14. In vitro study of limiting factors of nutritive value of olive cake: effects of fats and secondary metabolites; F Zaidi, N Hassissene, N Boubekeur, A Bouaiche, A Bouabdellah, J F Grongnet, M M Bellal and A Youyou (In French)

  15. Effect of palm wine yeasts and yogurt probiotics on the growth performance of broilers; G L Bohoua

  16. Inclusion of different proportions of poultry litter in the rations of yearling Hararghe Highland goats; Asrat Gebre Tsadik, Berhan Tamir and Solomon Melaku

  17. Simulation of costs and benefits of supplementing milking cows with legumes during the dry season in two hillside regions of Nicaragua; F Holmann and T Tiemann