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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 12, December 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Egg quality traits in chicken varieties developed for backyard poultry farming in India; M Niranjan, R P Sharma, U Rajkumar, R N Chatterjee, B L N Reddy and T K Battacharya

  2. Disassociate bound protein in tree leaves by trypsin hydrolysis and its effect on feed utilization, microbial protein and weight gain in sheep – an experimental study; B Srinivas, N Swain and N P Singh

  3. Reproductive status following artificial insemination in Sanga cows in the Accra Plains of Ghana; F Y Obese, K A Darfour-Oduro, E Bekoe, B A Hagan and Y Gomda

  4. Effect of snail (Achatina fulica) meal on broiler production and meat sensorial quality; M Diomandé, M Koussemon, K V Allou and A Kamenan

  5. Effect of oxytocin on the productive and reproductive performance of buffalo and cattle in Sheikhupura-Pakistan (A field study); M Y Mustafa, K Saleem, R Munir and T M Butt

  6. Effect of feeding untreated and urea treated rice straw on total volatile fatty acids and bacteria production rates in cross bred (Red Sindhi x Jersey) calves; S P Tiwari, Kiran Kumari and M K Gendley

  7. Graphic characterization and model of cattle production systems in Tierra Caliente, Michoacan, México: 1. Beef cattle; V M Molina-Mercado, E Gutiérrez-Vázquez , J Herrera-Camacho, B Gómez-Ramos, R Ortiz-Rodríguez and J Santos Flores (In Spanish)

  8. Microsatellite variation and genetic relationship among Rajasthani sheep: Relevance for conservation; R Arora and S Bhatia

  9. Growth performance and carcass quality of fattening lambs of Kivircik and Karacabey Merino breeds; M Koyuncu

  10. Growth, survival and production of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) in nursery ponds; K L Jain, R K Gupta, V P Sabhlok, B Singh and M Jindal

  11. Technical and economical interest of the incorporation of some substituting raw materials in animal feeding; H Taga, N Moujahed, T Najar and C Kayouly

  12. Relationship between body condition and serum lipid profiles in dual-purpose cows in first lactation; R Salgado O, O Vergara G and J Simanca S (In Spanish)

  13. On-farm performance of Arsi-Bale goats in Ethiopia receiving different concentrate supplements; Mieso Guru, Girma Abebe, A Goetsch, Fayisa Hundessa, Abule Ebro and Berhanu Shelima

  14. Effect of dietary energy level on growth and carcass characteristics of female goats in Sudan; Y M Yagoub and S A Babiker

  15. The economic feasibility of concentrate supplementation of lactating Sanga cows grazing natural pasture in the dry season; P K Karikari, K Asare and S A Okantah

  16. Effect of some trace elements supplementation on the activities of the hormones secreted by hypophysis, thyroid and parathyroid glands in dairy heifers post calving; I E Yahia, G M Tickashinka and M A A Babiker

  17. Proximate composition of housefly larvae (Musca domestica) meal generated from mixture of cattle blood and wheat bran; A O Aniebo, E S Erondu and O J Owen

  18. Effects of partial and complete replacement of fish meal protein with a soya protein on growth performance of black-chinned tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron (Rüppell 1852) in tank culture; A R Koumi, B C Atsé, K A Otchoumou and P Kouamé

  19. Nutritive value of potential feed resources used in Laos for African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) production; O Phonekhampheng, L T Hung and J E Lindberg

  20. Mimosa pigra for growing goats in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam; Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, Vo Ai Quac, Tran Thi Kim Chung, Bach Van Hiet, Nguyen Thanh Mong and Phan The Huu

  21. Individual and maternal heterozygosis in multibreed bovine populations of different productive systems for beef cattle in Colombian low tropics; E M Arboleda-Zapata, M F Cerón-Muńoz and J M Cotes-Torres (In Spanish)

  22. Occurrence and factors associated with udder infections in small holder lactating dairy goats in Arumeru district, Tanzania; E S Swai, E Mbise and P F Mtui

  23. Comparison of local Guinea fowl (Meleagris numida) production characteristics in experimental station and rural area in soudano-guinean zone of Bénin; M Dahouda, M Sčnou, S S Toléba, C K Boko, J C Adandédjan and J L Hornick (In French)

  24. Evaluation of the nutritional value of boiled Java plum beans in broiler chick diets; E K Ndyomugyenyi, C C Kyarisiima, F B Bareeba and M W Okot

  25. Inventory of wild vegetables consumed by the Limicolaria flammea (Müller, 1774) and dietary preferences; M Karamoko, K D Kouassi, K P Kouassi and A Otchoumou (In French)

  26. Food value of local oilseeds and derivatives in animal feed: case of small groundnut “kaloise” Algeria; F Arbouche, R Arbouche, H S Arbouche and Y Arbouche (In French)