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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 3, March 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Management and feeding systems of crop residues: the experience of East Shoa Zone, Ethiopia; A Tesfaye and P Chairatanayuth

  2. Effects of Stylosanthes guianensis and Aeschynomene histrix on the yield, proximate composition and in-situ dry matter and crude protein degradation of Panicum maximum (Ntchisi); F T Ajayi, O J Babayemi and A A Taiwo

  3. Communication and socio-personal factors influencing adoption of dairy farming technologies amongst livestock farmers; A Rezvanfar

  4. Compositional evaluation of some dry season shrub and tree foliages in a transitionally vegetated zone of Nigeria; I Ikhimioya, M A Bamikole, A U Omoregie and U J Ikhatua

  5. Performance of West African Dwarf sheep and goats fed varying levels of cassava pulp as a replacement for cassava peels; R Y Baiden, S W A Rhule, H R Otsyina, E T Sottie and G Ameleke

  6. Yield and quality of sweet potato forage pruned at different intervals for West African dwarf sheep; O A Olorunnisomo

  7. Body weight change during lactaction in Holstein x Zebu and Holstein x Sahiwal dual-purpose cows in Mexico; M M Osorio-Arce and J C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)

  8. Buffalo calf health care in commercial dairy farms: a field study in Uttar Pradesh (India); R Tiwari, M C Sharma and B P Singh

  9. Effects of early weaning and diet type on growth performances of cane rats (Thryonomys swinderianus) in captivity; A Kenfack, J Tchoumboué, A Teguia, F Ngoula, H Fuelefac Defang, S Wadawa and A Dougmo (In French)

  10. Status of mastitis in lactating goats at Sokoine University of agriculture and neighbouring smallholder farms in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania; T J N K Mbilu

  11. Nutritional management in organic livestock farming for improved ruminant health and production - an overview; A K Patra

  12. Validation of different methods for dry matter determination in forages; S L Posada, J Angulo and L F Restrepo (In Spanish)

  13. Characterization of grade dairy cattle owning households in mixed small scale farming systems of Vihiga, Kenya; P M Ongadi, J W Wakhungu, R G Wahome and L O Okitoi

  14. The effect of Timsen and Ambicide as disinfectant on hatchability traits of Kasila broiler parents eggs in Bangladesh; K N Islam, K N Monira, R Sultana and I M Azharul

  15. Composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation kinetics of flint and soft Jack fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus); L G Ribeiro Pereira, R Martins Maurício, J A Gomes Azevêdo, L Silva Oliveira, D Cabral Barreiros, A Lima Ferreira, L G Neves Brandão and M Pereira Figueiredo (In Portuguese)