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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 12, December 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Efficacy of Tephrosia vogelli and Vernonia amygdalina as anthelmintics against Ascaridia galli in indigenous chicken; D N Siamba, L O Okitoi, M K Watai, A M Wachira, F B Lukibisi and E A Mukisira

  2. Livestock production in pastoral and agro-pastoral production systems of southern Ethiopia; Adugna Tolera and Aster Abebe

  3. Evolving specific non starch polysaccharide enzyme mix to paddy straw for enhancing its nutritive value; S Senthilkumar, C Valli and V Balakrishnan

  4. Evaluation of grazing regimes on milk composition of Borana and Boran-Friesian crossbred dairy cattle at Holetta research center, Ethiopia; Rehrahie Mesfin and Andnet Getachew

  5. Growth performance and nutrient digestibility of growing pigs fed a mixture of palm kernel meal and cassava peel meal; A A Fatufe, I O Akanbi, G A Saba, O Olowofeso and O O Tewe

  6. Effects of breeding and hygienic practices on raw cow milk quality in Tadla area, Morocco; A Afif, M Faid and M Najimi

  7. Agronomic evaluation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultured in the Sinú Valley, Colombia; D M Bolívar and S J Molina (In Spanish)

  8. Cattle breeding management practices in the Gwayi smallholder farming area of South-Western Zimbabwe; J J Ndebele, V Muchenje, C Mapiye, M Chimonyo, L Musemwa and T Ndlovu

  9. Agricultural application of composted sludges from a municipal wastewater treatment plant; P Torres, J Silva and J C Escobar (In Spanish)

  10. Influence of fibrolytic enzymes on in vitro methane production and rumen fermentation of a substrate containing 60 % of grass hay; L A Giraldo, M D Carro, M J Ranilla and M L Tejido

  11. Environmental influences on pre-weaning growth performances and mortality rates of extensively managed Somali goats in Eastern Ethiopia; Zeleke Mekuriaw Zeleke

  12. Growth performance of pigs fed on diets containing Acacia karroo, Acacia nilotica and Colophospermum mopane leaf meals; T E Halimani, L R Ndlovu, K Dzama, M Chimonyo and B G Miller

  13. Offspring sex proportion and lamb competition during gestation and lactation in prolific Pelibuey lambs under intensive management; R Macedo, V Arredondo, E Cásarez, A E Esperón and J D Hummel

  14. Nutritive value of oilseeds for ruminants: apricot kernel and its oil cake; R Arbouche, F Arbouche, H S Arbouche and Y Arbouche (In French)

  15. Effect of dietary supplementation of leaves as source of condensed tannins on the performance of lambs; A Dey, Narayan Dutta, K Sharma and A K Pattanaik

  16. Constraints to use of natural pasture for ruminants production along the eastern coast of Tanzania; P Y Kavana, J B Kizima and B J Masakia

  17. Transfer of low-cost plastic biodigester technology at household level in Bolivia; J Marti Herrero (In Spanish)

  18. Comparative growth, production, egg and carcass traits of different crosses of Brown Nicobari with White Leghorn under intensive and extensive management systems in Andaman, India; R N Chatterjee, R B Rai, S C Pramanik, Jai Sunder, S Senani and A Kundu

  19. Effect of mixtures of water spinach and fresh water hyacinth leaves on growth performance of pigs fed a basal diet of rice bran and cassava root meal; Ty Chhay, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  20. Study of the probiotic effect in piglets of administering the protein biomass obtained by cultivation of Lactobacilli and yeasts in "B" molasses; A Marin Cárdenas, A García Rodríguez, L Marrero Suárez, M J Manso and M González Pérez (In Spanish)