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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 11, November 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Use of the banana plant (Musa spp.) for the control of parasites in domestic animals: from empiricism to science; C J Olivo, L E Techio Pereira, N Madruga de Carvalho, F Flores Vogel, B M Heinzmann and A P Neves (In Portuguese)

  2. Genetic correlations between sexual precocity and productive and reproductive characteristics of Nelore cattle; L M Nieto, L O C Silva, E N Martins, A N Rosa and R A de A Torres Júnior (In Spanish)

  3. Possibilities of suckering of a sahelian forage tree, Maerua crassifolia Forsk. (capparaceae) in semi-controlled conditions; V K Houmey, S Diatta and L E Akpo (In French)

  4. Reproductive performance of crossbred dairy cows in Eastern Lowlands of Ethiopia; Emebet Mureda and Zeleke Mekuriaw Zeleke

  5. Study of honey production system in Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha district in mid rift valley of Ethiopia; Tesfaye Kebede and Tesfaye Lemma

  6. Animal husbandry practices at high altitude (> 6000 feet) in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, India; H R Meena, H Ram, S K Singh, R K Mahapatra, A Sahoo and T J Rasool

  7. The feeding value and protein quality in high-fibre and fibre-reduced sunflower cakes and Kenya’s “omena” fishmeal for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus); J G Maina, R M Beames, D Higgs, P N Mbugua, G Iwama and S M Kisia

  8. Effect of replacement of fishmeal with processed soybean on growth performance and nutrient retention in Channa punctatus (bloch.) fingerlings; M Jindal, S K Garg, N K Yadava and R K Gupta

  9. Evaluation of some factors affecting milk composition of indigenous goats in Nigeria; D Zahraddeen, I S R Butswat and S T Mbap

  10. The small ruminant production system in Northern Ghana: A value network analysis; V A Clottey, K O Gyasi, R N Yeboah, A Addo-Kwafo and F Avornyo

  11. Comparative evaluation of protein quality of raw and differentially processed seeds of an under-utilized food legume, Abrus precatorius L.; M Pugalenthi, V Vadivel and P Janaki

  12. Effect of feeding graded levels of cottonseed meal on goat erythrocyte membrane osmotic fragility; G H M Matondi, E Masama, I D T Mpofu and F F Muronzi

  13. Effects of integrated components on available forage model in Southern rangeland of Iran; G R Badjian, D Ismail, M S Othman and A A Mehrabi

  14. Effect of a combination of organic acid salts as antibiotic replacer on the performance and gut health of broiler chickens; S K Paul, G Samanta, G Halder and P Biswas

  15. Evaluation of the reproduction capacities of hybrid hen resulting from the cross between the imported broiler cock (Hubbard stock) and the local african hen (Saiguč-sissč stock) raised in Ivory Coast; A M Beugre Grah, D Gnakri and M D Toka (In French)

  16. Effect of varying levels of concentrate supplementation on growth performance and carcass traits of finisher lambs; S A Karim, M K Tripathi and V K Singh

  17. Reproductive traits of Tunisian Queue Fine de l’Ouest ewes fed on wheat straw supplemented with concentrate and Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. foliage with and without polyethylene glycol (PEG); M Rekik, N Lassoued, H Ben Salem and I Tounsi

  18. Species diversification, livestock production and income of the poor in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh; S Akter, J Farrington, P Deshingkar, L Rao and A Freeman