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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 10, October 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Evaluation of the crop waste products of melon “yellow canary” as animal feed: Influence of culture zones; F Arbouche and H S Arbouche (In French)

  2. Factors that influence the first calving interval in bovine females under the double purpose management system; O Vergara Garay, R Salgado Otero, L Maza Angulo, L Botero Arango, C Martínez Bravo, C Medina Galindo and J Pestana Soto (In Spanish)

  3. Fattening performance of Djallonke sheep supplemented with cotton seed husks in Benin; T I Alkoiret, A A Soule Manne, A B Gbangboche and E Y Attakpa (In French)

  4. Effect of replacing soybean meal with Indian canola quality or high glucosinolate rapeseed-mustard meal on performance of growing crossbred calves; K Sharma, N Dutta, A K Patra, M Singh, A K Pattanaik, S Ravichandiran, J S Chauhan, A Agnihotri and A Kumar

  5. Organizational factors that influence the pig production managed by a group of women, with a micro enterprise focus in the community of Chumbec, Yucatan, Mexico; E Valencia, M Rejón, V Pech and P Chimal (In Spanish)

  6. Farmer Participatory Need-based Extension (FPNE) approach: a sustainable model adopted by cooperative milk unions in Andhra Pradesh, India; S Roy and D V Rangnekar

  7. Gestation percentage and prolificacy of sows under tropical conditions using traditional and intra-uterine artificial insemination techniques; J E Llanes Chalé, A-Alzina López, J C Segura Correa, M J Álvarez Fleites and G Góngora Castro (In Spanish)

  8. Social and technological parameters of a mixed prickly-pear/sheep farming system as a sustainable proposal in the rural area of Teotihuacán to the north of Mexico City; H Losada, J Rivera, J Cortés, P Zavaleta, J Vieyra and T Losada

  9. Effect of time of initiation of feeding after hatching and influence of dietary lysine supplementation on productivity and carcass characteristics of Ross 308 broiler chickens in South Africa; C A Mbajiorgu, J W Ng’ambi and D Norris

  10. Prevalence of brucellosis in crossbred and indigenous cattle in Tanzania; E D Karimuribo, H A Ngowi, E S Swai and D M Kambarage (Short communication)

  11. Sustainability analysis for cattle-farms in the municipality of Circasia (Quindío state, Colombia), La Vieja river watershed; L M Arias-Giraldo and J C Camargo (In Spanish)

  12. Evaluation of uncultivated vegetables for pigs kept in upland households; Ngo Huu Toan and T R Preston

  13. Growth, body conformation and immuneresponsiveness in two Indian native chicken breeds; R N Chatterjee, R P Sharma, M R Reddy, M Niranjan and B L N Reddy

  14. Effect of breed, season, year and parity on reproductive performance of dairy cattle under smallholder production system in Bukoba district, Tanzania; L Asimwe and G C Kifaro

  15. Physical and chemical quality characteristics of warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) meat; L C Hoffman and J Sales

  16. Hypotheses on inland valley development for smallholder dairy production in three West African countries Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Nigeria; K Agyemang, C V Yapi-Gnaoré, B Ouologuem, P P Barje and S A Adediran

  17. Evaluation of cactus cladodes as a partial feed for growing rabbits in the Gaza Strip; B M Zabut, I A Alqedra and K N Abushammalah

  18. Determination of water, blood and rumen fluid absorbencies of some fibrous feedstuffs; O A Makinde and E B Sonaiya

  19. Effect of the lactoperoxidase system and container smoking on the microbial quality of cows’ milk produced in Kombolcha woreda, eastern Ethiopia; Helen Nigussie and Eyassu Seifu