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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 17, Number 6, June 2005
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Participatory Rural Appraisal of Dairy Farms in the North West Province of Cameroon; P H Bayemi, M J Bryant, D Pingpoh, H Imele, J Mbanya, V Tanya, D Cavestany, J Awoh, A Ngoucheme, D Sali, F Ekoue, H Njakoi and E C Webb

  2. Milk production in Cameroon: A review; P H Bayemi, M J Bryant, B M A O Perera, J N Mbanya, D Cavestany and E C Webb

  3. Modeling duckweed growth in wastewater treatment systems; Louis Landesman, Nick C Parker, Clifford B Fedler and Mark Konikof

  4. On farm dairy cattle feeding experience in eastern zone of Tanzania; P Y Kavana and B S J Msangi

  5. Estimating rumen microbial protein synthesis from purine derivatives in the urine; S L Posada, L A Giraldo and D M Bolívar (In Spanish)

  6. Dairy production and nutritional status of lactating buffalo and cattle in small-scale farms in Terai, Nepal; Y Hayashi, S Shah, S K Shah and H Kumagai

  7. Productive performance of confined Pelibuey lambs fed a mixed diet based on agro-industrial by-products and crop residues; R Macedo and L A Aguilar (short communication)

  8. The economics of goats managed under different feeding systems; G Legesse, G Abebe and K Ergano

  9. The water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) an efficient user of nutrients: aspects on fermentation and ruminal digestion; R A Angulo, R R Noguera and J A Berdugo (In Spanish)

  10. Anthelmintic effect of Halothamus somalensis in Arsi-Bale goats; F Dawo and M Tibbo

  11. Production function analysis for smallholder semi-subsistence and semi-commercial poultry production systems in three agro-ecological regions in Northern provinces of Vietnam; Dinh Xuan Tung and S Rasmussen

  12. The significance of predation as a constraint in scavenging poultry systems: some findings from India; C Conroy, N Sparks, D Chandrasekaran, A Sharma, D Shindey, L R Singh, A Natarajan and K Anitha

  13. Evaluation of an elephant grass pasture mixed with black oats managed under agro ecological principles in the winter period; Marinês Fátima Sobczak, C J Olivo, A Mossate Gabbi, P Santini Charão, A Heimerdinger, J H Souza da Silva, Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira, M F Ziech and Grasiela Rossarolla

  14. Composition and somatic cell count of milk in conventional and agro-ecological farms: a comparative study in Depressão Central, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil; C J Olivo, L I Beck, A Mossate Gabbi, P Santini Charão, M F Sobczak, L F Gomes Uberty, J W Dürr and R Araújo Filho