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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 17, Number 11, November 2005
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Ethnoveterinary medicine: a critical review of its evolution, perception, understanding and the way forward; W Wanzala, K H Zessin, N M Kyule, M P O Baumann, E Mathias and A Hassanali

  2. Effect of length: diameter ratio in polyethylene biodigesters on gas production and effluent composition; San Thy, P Buntha, T Vanvuth, T R Preston, Duong Nguyen Khang, Soukanh K, Boualong Phouthone, Choke Mikled and N Sopharoek

  3. Biomass, dry matter yield, proximate and mineral composition of forage legumes grown as early dry season feeds; F C Nworgu and F T Ajayi

  4. Comparison between mineral composition of manure and vermicompost obtained from cattle and buffaloes; D Pereira Borges da Costa, V Cruz Rodrigues, J Castro Galdino da Silva, R Castro Mourão and  J B Rodrigues de Abreu (In Portuguese)

  5. Mastitis in smallholder dairy and pastoral cattle herds in the urban and peri-urban areas of the Dodoma municipality in Central Tanzania; R H Mdegela, E Karimuribo, L J M Kusiluka, B Kabula, A Manjurano, A M Kapaga and D M Kambarage

  6. Effect of low temperature preservation on microbial and sensory quality of buffalo meat; G Kandeepan and S Biswas

  7. Studies on the nutritive value of composite cassava pellets for poultry: chemical composition and metabolizable energy; S N Ukachukwu

  8. Comparative evaluation of loin muscle area estimated by pixel method and empirical formula method in swine; Mengjin Zhu, Bang Liu, Mei Yu, Shuhong Zhao, Bin Fan, Changchun Li and Zhongzhen Peng

  9. Evaluation of forest grasses as livestock feed; M P S Bakshi, M P Singh, M Wadhwa and B Singh

  10. The efficacy of different dose levels of albendazole for reducing faecal worm egg count in naturally infected captive grasscutters, Thryonomys swinderianus, Temminck; E K Adu, H R Otsyina and A D Agyei

  11. Influence of the donor animal on the in vitro gas production with the use of voided bovine faeces; Silvio Martínez Sáez, Redimio M. Pedraza Olivera, Marlene León González, Cecilia E. González Pérez and Guillermo Guevara Viera

  12. Meat consumption in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh: an analysis; D Thammi Raju and M V A N Suryanarayana