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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 16, Number 11, November 2004
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Adoption behaviour of dairy farmers in Co-operative Farming Systems; R K Ghosh, A Goswami and A K Mazumdar

  2. Comparison of mathematical models to estimate the degradation parameters obtained through the gas production technique; R R Noguera, E O Saliba y R M Mauricio (In Spanish)

  3. Global decline in oil and natural resources; implications for the scope and content of papers for publication in LRRD; T R Preston and R A Leng

  4. Grazing time and milk production of crossbred cows in a rotational area of Elephant grass and Tanzania grass; Maria Lúcia Pereira Lima, Telma Teresinha Berchielli, P R Leme , J Ramos Nogueira and Maria da Graça Pinheiro

  5. Rearing chicks in enclosures under village conditions: effect on chick growth and reproductive performance of mother hens; H Lwesya, R K D Phoya, A C L Safalaoh and T N P Gondwe

  6. Is it worth to recuperate degraded pasturelands? An evaluation of profits and costs from the perspective of livestock producers and extension agents in Honduras; F Holmann, P Argel, L Rivas, D White, R D Estrada, C Burgos, E Perez, G Ramirez and A Medina

  7. An on-farm appraisal of feeding urea-treated straw to buffaloes during late pregnancy and lactation in a mixed farming system; K.Sharma, Narayan Dutta and Uma Naulia

  8. Egg production performance of RIR x Fayoumi and Fayoumi x RIR crossbreed chicken under intensive management in Bangladesh; M M Rahman, M A Baqui and M A R Howlider

  9. Evaluation of compound broiler feeds manufactured in Bangladesh; B C Roy, H Ranvig, S D Chowdhury, M M Rashid and A Chwalibog

  10. Biodegraded rice husks in laying bird's diet: 1. Performance and egg quality parameters; A Z Aderolu, E A Iyayi, A A Onilude and I Eniola