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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 14, Number 5, October 2002

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Future direction of animal protein production in a fossil fuel hungry world;  R A Leng

  2. Studies on the use of acid insoluble ash as inert marker in digestibility trials with Mong Cai pigs; J Ly, Chhay Ty and Pok Samkol

  3. Early weaning promotes improvement of blood nutritional indicators  in half-bred zebu cows; J A Coppo, N B Coppo, M A Revidatti and A Capellari

  4. Factors effecting the concentration and cellulolytic activity of sheep rumen fungi; N E Obispo and B A Dehority

  5. Farmers perception of intensive feed gardens: a case study of the Central and Lower River Divisions in The Gambia; Chris Nwafor

  6. Correlations of part and total lactations, and the prediction of lactation milk yield in Venezuelan dual purpose cows hand milked with calf at foot; José Alfredo Llamozas and Lucia Vaccaro

  7. Relationship Between Corporal and Testicular Measurements in Peripuberal Brahman Bulls; Luis Vásquez y Jesús Arango (in Spanish)

  8. Genetic evaluation of growth traits in a crossbreeding experiment involving two local strains of chickens using multi-trait animal model; M M Iraqi, M H Khalil, M S Hanafi, A F M El-Labban and M Ell-Sisy

  9. Newcastle disease in family poultry: Prospects for its control through ethnoveterinary medicine; E F Guèye

  10. The effect of DL-methionine supplementation on digestibility and performance traits of growing pigs fed broken rice and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica); J Ly, Hean Pheap, Keo Saeth and Pok Samkol




  1. Farmers feedback on pig production technology in Kwara State, Nigeria; O I Oladele




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