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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 14, Number 2, April 2002

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Agroforestry for resource-poor farmers: a deeper understanding from the Brazilian Savannah; Pilar Santacoloma

  2. A short-term study of growth and digestibility indices in Mong Cai pigs fed rubber seed meal; Nguyen Thi Thuy and J Ly

  3. Effect of supplementing Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus L) wastes with urea or leaves of Gliricidia sepium on feed intake and digestibility in sheep and steers; Kusmartono

  4. Egg production performance of commercial laying hens in Chakwal district, Pakistan; M Farooq, M A Mian, F R Durrani and M Syed
  5. Dung ash treatment of a native forage to improve livestock feeding in low-input Andean pastoral systems; Didier Genin, Percy Abasto, Severo Choque and Julian Magne

  6. Rural poultry production and productivity in southern Senegal; A Missohou , P N  Dieye and E Talaki
  7. Indicative parameters of genetic resistance of sheep to endoparasites in Southern Brazil; Leonardo Martin Nieto, Elias Nunes Martins, Francisco de Assis Fonseca de Macedo, Eduardo Shiguero Sakaguti y Alexandra Inês Dos Santos (en Español)
  8. Indigenous Control Methods for Pests and Diseases of Cattle in Northern Nigeria; O S Adekunle, O I Oladele and T D Olukaiyeja
  9. Variación estacional del contenido mineral en el zacate buffel común (Cenchrus ciliaris L.); R G Ramírez, R Foroughbackhch, H González-Rodríguez*, C G García-Castillo**, J Alba-Avila y L A Háuad
  10. Blocks or cakes of urea-molasses as supplements for Sindhi x Yellow growing cattle fed rice straw and cut grass or cassava foliage; Ho Quang Do, Vo Van Son  and T R Preston




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