Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 13, Number 6, December 2001

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Farmers' knowledge in the utilisation of indigenous browse species for feeding of goats in semi arid central Tanzania; D M Komwihangilo, D S C Sendalo,  F P Lekule, L A Mtenga and V K Temu

  2. Socio-personal characteristics of Private Veterinary Practitioners (PVPs) in developing countries: A study in West Bengal State of India; Arindam Sen and Mahesh Chander

  3. Agronomic evaluation of tree species for forage production  in the Yucatán Peninsula; Lizarraga Sánchez H, Solorio Sánchez F J and Sandoval Castro C A (en Español)

  4. Oestrus behaviour and performance of Saanen goats raised in northeast of Brazil; E S Lopes Júnior, D Rondina, A A Simplício and V J F Freitas

  5. Chemical composition, in situ degradability and amino acid composition of protein supplements fed to livestock and poultry; M Hadjipanayiotou and S Economides

  6. Farmers perception of the relevance of livestock production technologies in Oyo state, Nigeria; O I Oladele

  7. Digestibility and nitrogen balance of diets containing cottonseed meal, alfalfa, or pigeonpea as the protein source; W A Phillips and S C Rao

  8. Comparison of biodigester effluent and urea as fertilizer for water spinach vegetable; Kean Sophea and T R Preston

  9. Effect of processing pig manure in a biodigester as fertilizer input for ponds growing fish in polyculture; Pich Sophin and T R Preston

  10. Food industry by-product strategies to enhance carbohydrate fraction digestion and to limit fossil energy intensive cereal  starch needs in cereal-residue diets for  beef cattle; A Araba, F M Byer and F Guessous