Volume 12, Number 2, May 2000

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Feeding donkeys; A A Aganga, M Letso and A O Aganga

  2. Nutritional evaluation of mulberry leaves as feeds for ruminants; J Yao, B Yan, X Q Wang and J X Liu

  3. Perceptions of livestock service delivery among smallholder dairy producers: case studies from central Kenya; John Morton and Valentine Miheso

  4. Effects of feeding star grass (Cynodon plectostachyus) on growth and digestibility of nutrients in the domestic rabbit; R Ramchurn, Z B Dullull and A Ruggoo

  5. Tecnificación del sistema de producción ganadera de doble propósito en el trópico alto andino colombiano: amamantamiento restringido; Adriana Roldán, P Perdomo, H Sánchez y Miguel Ramírez

  6. La pollinaza como fuente de fósforo para rumiantes en pastoreo; V M Segura Correa, J A Tepal Chalé, J Carvajal Azcorray y A F Castellanos Ruelas

  7. Genetic study of Santa Gertrudis cattle in Brazil; J B S Ferraz, J P Eler and P M T Ribeiro

  8. Choice of animal models for estimation of genetic parameters of reproductive, growth and slaughter traits of Californian and New Zealand rabbits raised under tropical conditions; J B S Ferraz and J P Eler

  9. The effect of tropical ambient temperature on productive performance and grazing behaviour of sows kept in a outdoor system; R H Santos Ricalde and I J Lean

  10. Smallholder dairy cattle production in Xochimilco in the Southeast of Mexico City: Effect of herdsmen on spatial behaviour of cattle during restricted grazing; J Vieyra, H Losada, R Soriano, J Cortés and L Arias



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